日本の文化を学ぶ Cultural Activities


Status of Residence called "Cultural Activities" (hereafter referred to as "Cultural Activities visa") is applied to those who wishes to learn and study activites which are peculiar to Japan with no pay.


Japan’s Immigration Office grants you "Cultural Activities visa" depending on what you wish to learn in Japan and whether you have an experience in the field of related activites as well as you are capable of living without pay during your stay in Japan.


Under "Cultural Activities visa" in general, you may not earn money while you stay in Japan. However, you may have a pert-time job if you acquire a permission called "Shikakugai-katudo: Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted Under The Status of Residence Previously Granted".

Activites which you can engage in under "Cultural Activities visa"

  1. 収入を伴わない学術上の活動
    Academic activities with no pay.
  2. 収入を伴わない芸術上の活動
    Artistic activities with no pay.
  3. 我が国特有の文化または技芸について専門的な研究を行う活動
    Exclusive studies and activites regarding Japanese-oriented culture, arts and crafts.
  4. 我が国特有の文化又は技芸について専門家の指導を受けてこれを習得する活動
    Learning activites instructed by the professionals and experts regarding
    Japanese-oriented culture, arts and crafts.


Examples of activities


Studying and learning of Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), Sadou (Japanese tea ceremony), Japanese architecture, Japanese painting, Japanese dancing, Japanese cuisine, Japanese music, Japanese penmanship/calligraphy, Zen (Buddhism), Judo, Karate, Mixed Martial Arts (i.e. Shooto) and so on.


In case you are outside Japan yet, you will apply for Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Go to Application for Certificate of Eligibility for the details.


You will apply for Change of Status of Residence in case you already have been in Japan under other status. However, if you have been staying in Japan under Temporary Vistor visa, you must apply for COE first.


Refer to each item below for the details on this page regarding Cultural Activities visa:

  1. 許可の要件・基準 Requirement for Application
  2. 在留期間 Period of Stay
  3. 許可を受ける際の提出書類 Supporting Documents for Application

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【1】許可の要件・基準 Requirement for Application


Also, you shall be applied to the requirement below if you acquire this visa:

  • 日本で行う活動が収入を伴わない活動であること。
    You will not earn any income by engaging the activity in Japan.
  • 日本で行う活動に関連する活動について、本国で活動実績・研究実績等を証明できること。
    You can certify by supporting documents that you have an experience related to your desired activity in Japan.
  • 従事するカリキュラムが文化活動として十分なもの。(活動時間が不十分である場合には、短期滞在となる可能性が高いです。)
    The curriculum which you are going to attend shall be acceptable as Cultural Activities.
  • 日本での滞在期間中、無収入で生活するために十分な経済能力があること。
    You are capable of living without pay during your stay in Japan.


【2】在留期間 Period of Stay


Period of Stay in each case shall be decided by Immigration Office. The period must be either 3 years, 1 year, 6 months, or 3 months.


If you wish to stay more years under the same Status of Residence you already have, you can apply for renewing your visa 2 months before the expiration of the period of stay.

在留期間内に旅行や帰省等で日本を出国し、再度日本へ入国する場合には、外国での滞在期間に応じてみなし再入国許可もしくは再入国許可が必要です。>> 日本に再入国するのページへ

If you travel outside Japan during the period of stay and re-enter Japan, you need to obtain Special Re-entry Permission or Re-entry Permission depending on how long you will stay overseas. >> Go to Re-entry Permission

【3】申請時の立証資料 Supporting Documents for Application


You are required to prepare supporting documents which can certify that the contents of the application are true and correct. Supporting documents are varied depending on the situation of each applicant and hosting person/organization, however, it shall be items as follows:

Evidenece of the applicant’s activities in Japan

  1. 受入先が作成した日本での活動内容、日程等を明らかにする書類 Documents issued by the hosting person/company/school that certify the applicants’ activity and schedule of activity in Japan.
    (例)受講申込書、受講スケジュール・カリキュラム、招へい理由書 i.e. Schedule/curriculum of the training or lecture and so on, Letter of invitation/acceptance
  2. 受入先の概要がわかるもの Overvies of the hosting person/company/school
    (例)パンフレット、ウェブサイトのコピー i.e. Pamphlet/leaflet/brochure, Web site.
  3. 申請人作成の理由書(日本でその活動を行いたい理由) Letter of Reason (that explains why the applicant wishes to engage in the activity in Japan.)

Evidence of the applicant’s experience

  1. 卒業証明書等 Certificate of Graduation
  2. 在職証明書 Certificate of Employment
  3. 保有資格を証明するもの Any certificates which certify the applicant’s qualification.

Evidence of academic or artistic achievements (either of the following)

  1. 関係団体からの推薦状 Letter of Recommendation from related organization.
  2. 過去の活動に関する報道 News or articles regarding the past activities.
  3. 入賞・入選等の実績 Results of awards and achivements
  4. 過去の論文・作品等の目録 Catalogues of the past essays or works.

Evidence which shows the applicant’s ability to pay all the expenses during his/her stay in Japan.

  1. 本人名義の銀行口座の預金残高証明書 Bank Balance Certificate of his/her own bank account.
  2. 奨学金給付等がある場合には給付に関する証明書 Scholarship Certificate.
  3. 申請人以外が経費を支弁する場合は、経費負担者にかかる住民税の納税証明書、源泉徴収票、確定申告書等 (In case that agent will pay all the expenses of the applicants) Documents regarding the agent such as following: Certificate of Inhabitant Tax Payment, Withholding Slip, Tax Return and so on.

(Only in case that the applicant wishes to be instructed by a specialist/expert) Evidence which certify the acheivement and experience of the specialist/expert.

  1. 専門家の経歴書 C/V of the specialist/expert.
  2. 専門家の免許、論文、作品集等の写し a copy of license, essays or works of the specialist/expert.


  • 外国語で作成されている書類には日本語訳を添付します。
    Need to attach Japanese translation on documents written in foreign languages.
  • 入国管理局の審査の過程で、追加資料を求められることがあります。
    Additional documents may be required during the examination of Immigration Office.
  • 日本で発行される証明書はすべて、発行日から3ヶ月以内のものを提出します。
    Any certificate among supporting documents has to be issued withing 3 months from the date of issuance.

(平成24年7月修正 amended in July, 2012)

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